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    游美营地教育 / YMCE Group 成立于2010年,相继成为美国营地协会(ACA)和国际营地协会(ICF)的双成员,中国营地教育联盟(CCEA)发起人理事单位。作为一家总部位于北京的国际营地教育机构,2016年,游美收获爆炸式增长,分别于国内千岛湖、上海、北京成立3家自建营地。2017年底,游美公司获得国内知名机构投资,成为行业内一致认可的头部企业。

    2018年,游美推出“重新定义营地教育”计划,重磅打造YSS游美环球滑雪学院和游美Adventures环球探索团,致力于更好地培养中国孩子成为具有国际化视野和竞争力的青少年。 8年来,游美与美、加等国50多个TOP顶级营地建立了战略合作关系,组织了近万名中国青少年赴海外或国内自建营地参加夏令营和游学等活动,得到了孩子和家长的高度认可与好评。


    Founded in 2010 by a trio of American & Chinese camp professionals, You Mei Camp Education Group is now one of the leading Traditional Camp organizations in China. Early members of the American Camp Association (ACA), active members of the International Camping Fellowship (ICF), and co-founders of the China Camp Education Alliance (China’s premier Camp Association), YMCE Group has grown and committed itself to the service of children through life changing programs.

    Apart from North American camp consulting services, YMCE Group has built three (going on four) North American-style traditional camps in Qiandao Lake (near Hangzhou), Shanghai, and Beijing, China. Each camp site has been vetted by a team of camp professionals and adheres to international standards in program, staffing, sanitation, and more! We welcome children from all over the world to our majestic camp sites to experience the best combination of familiar programming and Chinese culture!


    To contact our China camps, email Mike@ymcegroup.com

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